A person with poor character will not have a good character.
A person with poor character will not have a good character.
May you and I both become people with good money, and all we encounter are people with good money.

Sanmao said: "comedies in the world can be produced without money, and most of the tragedies in the world have something to do with money."

in life, many relationships end not because of time or distance, but because of money.

how many people, when you ask him to pay back the money, he talks to you about friendship;

when you borrowed money from him, he threw away the friendship.

as the saying goes, "everything in the world is for profit; the world is bustling for profit."

the answer to whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance lies in the process of going back and forth, borrowing and paying it back.

money is a person's character

in the middle of last month, I attended an alumni reunion.

in the past, old classmates from all over the world got together all at once to talk about those carefree college days.

at the end of the meal, my friend Lao Zhang went to pay the bill as usual.

everyone is self-conscious, but Li said with a smile:

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"you have opened a restaurant, you are so rich, and you still care about this little money with us, forget it."

Lao Zhang replied, "at first we agreed to go Dutch, and please transfer the money to me as soon as possible. I remember that you didn't pay for several dinners before."

classmate Li was said to be unable to come down to Taiwan, saying that he would return all the food he had eaten to Lao Zhang.

Lao Zhang went back with a smile and said yes, even now, I still have my invoices.

what was supposed to be a happy dinner ended in discord.

later, we never called this classmate again at the reunion.

if you look closely, you will find that there are always a large number of people who love to take advantage of petty advantage in life.

I believe many people have had this experience:

A colleague asks you to bring a meal and says that he will give you a red packet, but when you buy it back, the other person will not even ask how much the meal is.

A friend asked you to help with the advance and said he would pay you back in two days, but you waited a long time, but the other person left the matter of repayment behind.


although these are some small money, but the attitude towards these small money can often reflect a person's most real character.

I read a sentence in moments:

"money is a mirror, looking at sentient beings and people's hearts."

money can't measure everything, but it can help us see a lot of things.

people with good money and good character will not be bad; on the contrary, people with poor money will have a great discount on their character.

No one in this world is a real fool who wants to be taken advantage of.

people with poor money and quality are greedy for bargains and lose their hearts and minds. In the long run, the road of life will naturally become narrower and narrower.

never have a deep acquaintance with a person with poor money

in interpersonal communication, there is often no escape from the word "money".

whether it is borrowing money or paying it back, it is a problem that every adult has to face.

but even if it is unavoidable, there should be a choice.

once lending money to a person of poor quality is tantamount to spending money to buy an enemy.

Twenty without doubt, there is a scene that makes people extremely angry after watching it.

Jiang Xiaoguo, a college student, has excellent academic performance, but his family is very difficult.

when she was a freshman, she began to worry about money.

even under such circumstances, when she heard that her classmate Wang Wei was in trouble, she gritted her teeth and borrowed 300 yuan.

then there was something wrong with her mobile phone. In order to change her phone, she raised money for a long time, but in the end, she came close.

after knowing that Wang Wei could receive 4000 yuan in financial aid, Jiang Xiaoguo decided to ask for money.

at first I wanted to pretend to be perfunctory: "didn't I give it back to you?" I remember I returned it. "

after he was exposed, he pushed back three times and four times. He was busy adding new clothes and buying new shoes for himself all day long, but did not mention the matter of returning the money.

later, after being forced into anger, he asked her loudly with an aggrieved face:

"Why are you doing this? I said to pay it back is to pay it back, but not today, isn't it 300 yuan? are you so humiliated? "

after the story spread, Jiang Xiaoguo, who took the initiative to borrow money, was recognized as an aggressive, hypocritical and selfish villain.

A well-intentioned act of kindness is finally beaten up, which is really chilling in the end.

when you are alive, don't overestimate your feelings and don't test human nature.

always pay attention to stay away from people with poor money.

they put their own interests above everything else, and when they associate with such people, they must be the ones who suffer in the end.

think of such a sentence: "not taking advantage of friends is a person's highest self-cultivation."

True friendship is expensive. What you give will not be wasted if you give it to the right person.

those who are reluctant to let you suffer and do not want to embarrass you are really worth our heart to communicate with.

No matter how good the relationship is, we should talk about money

there is a question on Zhihu: "do friends want to talk about money?"

highly praised replied: "to be able to talk about money openly, so that friends will not leave people with suspicion, is a friend worth interacting with."

in the adult world, there are always people who feel that talking about money is too vulgar, as if once tainted with money, friendship is no longer pure.

do not know, dare to talk about moneyTaking the initiative to talk about money is the secret of a long relationship.


@ Xie Kehui

wrote about such an experience:

once, her friend Boss Luo had a new product in his company and asked her to help analyze the data.

that day, Boss Luo's friend just finished his research and came to send him a report.

after Boss Luo confirmed that the data were correct, he said nothing and immediately asked the financial staff to transfer the money.

such a vigorous approach makes his friends somewhat uncomfortable:

"there's no hurry, we're friends, and I'd be happy to do it for free."

Boss Luo smiled and said, "We have been friends for more than ten years. It is the happiest to take the money we should receive and to separate the money from our friends."

he and Xie Kehui mentioned:

"I like to take the initiative to talk about money, and I also like to make friends with people who take the initiative to talk about money.

taking the initiative to talk about money is a sense of division between each other. The clearer the division between money and friendship, the longer it will last. "

if you think about it, it is true.

to talk about money is to talk about rules, and brothers should also do accounts clearly, with a clear distinction between public and private, and one code into one.

only by saying ugly things first can we not leave the trouble until later.

there is a saying that makes sense:

"as the acquirer, it is your accomplishment to take the initiative to talk about money, and it is his right to accept it or not.

as the payer, it is your choice to take the initiative to talk about money, and whether to accept it or not is his accomplishment. "

when dealing with people, no matter how good the relationship is, you have to talk about money.

the so-called talking about money hurts feelings, not because money is too vulgar, but because feelings are too empty.

writer Lian Yue once said:

"people who dare not talk about money will never grow up. So don't be embarrassed to talk about money! "

to talk about interests openly is to adhere to one's own principles and the greatest respect for a relationship.

like a passage circulated on the Internet very much:

"the key to getting along with good friends is frankness and comfort. I don't want him to come to me to borrow money, and I don't want me to be careful when I ask him to repay the money. "

when you learn to talk about money for the rest of your life, you should also know how to know people.

those who are selfish and like to take advantage of others should take the initiative to stay away.

those who have a clear distinction between public and private and seriously talk about money should cherish it doubly.

in the long journey of life, may you and I both become people with good money, and all we encounter are people with good money.

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