A man's upbringing is deep to the bone, hidden in the details of life.
A man's upbringing is deep to the bone, hidden in the details of life.
Even if there is darkness in the world, there is always a heart to the sun.

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on March 19, on a bus on Jianshe Road in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a little girl, after getting on the bus and swiping her card, heard the sound of "insufficient balance" and turned to get off.

when Fang Ke, the driver, saw this, he quickly stopped the little girl and comforted, "it doesn't matter, my uncle will help you with the coin."

then Fang Ke got up and took a yuan out of his pocket and put it in the cash box.

after arriving at the terminal, the little girl came to the driver Fang Ke with a paintbrush.

when Fang Ke was confused, the little girl explained: "when we help children in kindergarten, the teacher will reward a little red flower."

Today, Fang Ke helped her, and she also wanted to reward Master Fang with a little red flower.

so the little girl took a red paintbrush and drew a little red flower on the back of Master Fang's hand.

looking at the little safflower in his hand, Master Fang said he felt warm in his heart.

this scene also warmed netizens, and some people lamented under the news: "Don't underestimate this little red flower, it reflects the quality of our two generations!"

I often hear people say, don't give up doing good even if it's not important, don't do bad things even if it's inconspicuous.

A small act of kindness may become a warm light in other people's world.

the greatest upbringing of a person is not to be polite and humble all the time, but to have a kind heart that is always considerate of others.

everyone wants to be treated gently by the world, and this is actually a very simple thing.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

if you give someone a foot of respect, they will pay you back.

some time ago, a girl in Changsha did something after breaking her dinner plate, logged on major news websites, and attracted likes from "People's Daily" and other media.

many media have sent articles looking for the girl: "where are you, the girl who accidentally broke the dinner plate?" The restaurant owner wants to praise you! "

many people are very curious after reading it. Why are they praised by the restaurant owner for breaking the plate in the restaurant?

it turned out that in a restaurant in Yuelu District of Changsha City, a girl who had just finished cooking accidentally dropped her plate and food on the floor.

looking at the mess in front of her, the girl stood where she was, at a loss.

the boss saw that the girl was still a student, and most of it was because of carelessness, so he did not come forward to blame, but comforted the panicked girl and helped her make up a meal for free.

when the girl left after dinner, the shop assistant was surprised to find 75 yuan in cash and a note neatly placed on the table.

it turned out that the girl felt very sorry and wanted to apologize for her mistake in this way and offered compensation.

the girl's move moved the restaurant owner: "this is a small thing, but let me see the beauty of the child."

later, the boss wrote a compliment letter and forwarded it in the WeChat group, hoping to find the girl and return the money to her.

the major media also helped to forward the letter.

later, the girl was finally found. In an interview with the media, she said: "it was the shop assistant who helped me first, and I just did what I was supposed to do."

this may be a common practice for a girl, but we can see the upbringing hidden in her.

in this regard, netizens also like her behavior one after another:

"when the restaurant owner explicitly said that it was a free gift, the girl was still sensible, considerate of others, and took the initiative to take responsibility, leaving behind not only a word of apology, but also an expression of the good quality of a civilized person. This is a very valuable quality!"

writer Liang Xiaosheng once said such a sentence:

"the so-called 'culture' is rooted in inner self-cultivation, self-consciousness without reminding, freedom based on constraints, and kindness for the sake of others."

that's what a truly educated person should be.

in fact, upbringing is not illusory, but hidden in every detail of life.

everyone's upbringing is not inborn, but depends on the influence of the people around him and the guidance of his parents and family.

upbringing is actually a kind of inheritance.

People's Daily once posted an article in which he named and praised an ordinary mother.

in the empty subway car, a tired mother holds her sleeping child in her arms.

for fear that the child's shoes would dirty the seat, she put her backpack under the child's feet, which is called upbringing.

also goes out with her child, a mother who takes her child in first class on a plane alone.

for fear that the children would make noise and disturb the surrounding guests, each of the passengers around was given a pair of earplugs and some small candies, along with a card:

"I am just one and a half years old, and this is not my first trip, but my mother, who took me alone, is still worried that my crying will disturb you. After all, the change of air pressure on the plane will make me feel very upset.

it is not a good boy who disturbs others in public. I will try my best to keep quiet. "

during the flight, the children were quiet and did not make any noise.

and the mother's behavior also made other passengers feel respected.

tens of thousands of netizens liked the educated mother and sighed.Tao:

"it is not because of flying first class, but because of such upbringing that I take first class."

in life, there are many good words and deeds that seem simple and easy to do, but they are often ignored by us.

but the child will remember it clearly and imitate it.

therefore, every little good is a seed of light, and the seed keeps growing, and goodwill will be passed on with it.

the Beijing News once reported such a news.

in a parking lot, surveillance filmed such a scene.

A little boy was riding his bike through the parking lot when he accidentally bumped into the taillight of a blue car while turning the corner.

as the owner of the car was not at the scene, the boy looked at the taillight that had been broken by him and rode away.

after a while, a woman returned to the scene with a boy, leaving a note.

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it turned out that the boy was so scared after he got into trouble that he hurried home and told his mother.

instead of scolding him or choosing to evade responsibility, his mother took the boy back to the car and wrote a letter of apology with him to teach him how to take responsibility.

the owner of the car who received the letter of apology said that it was a bit unexpected when he saw the note, because many people touched the car and left, but the boy's mother left a note.

such a mother sets a good example for her child, and her child must be honest and responsible in the future.

sometimes, parents' words and deeds are the best role models for their children; the upbringing shown by parents themselves is the best gift for their children's life.

in fact, a simple greeting, a small good deed and a warm smile in life are all the transmission of love and warmth, as well as the embodiment of one's upbringing.

even if there is darkness in the world, there are always people who turn to the sun.

those who have a deep education in their bones, regardless of age, regardless of occupation, are people with light in their eyes and love in their hearts, and such people will certainly be treated gently by the world.