A man may not love you by calling you "wife". If you call these three names, you must love you deeply!
A man may not love you by calling you "wife". If you call these three names, you must love you deeply!
If you love someone, it will overflow from your mouth.

Uncle Wu Ming

once saw such a sentence, I thought it was true:

Love a person will overflow from the mouth, and even a title is full of sweetness.

once a man loves a woman, wooden people will become talkative, introverts will become lively and will take the initiative to express themselves.

even use his own special name to show his concern.

the following three terms, if someone calls you that, that person must be the one who loves you deeply.


some people mention their wives to others and call them lovers without giving their full name or wife.

only those who love deeply will be called lovers.

so, even if you are simply introduced to others, and in a serious tone, it only means that he has put you in an irreplaceable position.

Men are actually less shy and introverted than women, and they can't be called "lovers".

on the contrary, when a man loves a woman deeply, he will subconsciously give her a unique title, which is both solemn and caring.

if there is a man who introduces you as his lover, it shows that you occupy the most important position in his mind.

not everyone can be called a lover. Only the person who spends his life with him will be so named.


the title "fool" is actually spoiled with a little helplessness.

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calling a person a "fool" is mostly a term used to blame a person, just like a person who has done something wrong or is sometimes deceived.

when a man calls a woman a fool, the subconscious is to tell you that you are stupid, stupid and simple, it doesn't matter, I will spoil you.

how many women in the world want to be the "fool" of men?

you can rush forward clumsily and live every day foolishly!

there are people who spoil and care for them all their lives to protect them from the wind and rain!

exclusive nickname

some men give their women a name with a prefix that belongs to him.

for example: Princess of so-and-so, foodie of so-and-so, fool of so-and-so. In fact, these names are undoubtedly the expression of deep love.

to describe you as his exclusive, you can fully see a man's possessiveness, but also show his love and care.

some exclusive nicknames are based on personal characteristics, such as being fat, confused, night owls and so on. In fact, they are not dislike, but spoil!

emotions are uncontrollable, and it is easy to find one or two in the address if we are focused on a person.

Life is meant to be together. No matter what he calls you, we all hope that each of us will learn to love when we are loved by others and cherish them in ordinary days.