A man allows you to touch these "three places", which shows that he loves you to the bone
A man allows you to touch these "three places", which shows that he loves you to the bone
The man who really loves you to the bone must tolerate you everywhere in his behavior.

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over the years, the question that I have been asked the most is probably the girls' proof of love.

I get the same question many times a year: "how much do you think he loves me?"

Shakespeare said: true love cannot be expressed in words, and behavior is the best indication of loyalty.

the man who really loves you to the bone must tolerate you everywhere, especially when you touch his three "secret bases".

his cell phone

there was a saying on the Internet: you can do whatever you want, but you can't look at my phone.

in this era of the prevalence of the Internet, mobile phones have long become an indispensable part of our lives and everyone's only privacy space.

Girls always say they don't know how much each other loves them, but in fact, they already have the answer from touching each other's cell phone.

my colleague Taozi told me about her love experience.

when she is in love with her ex, every time she accidentally touches the other person's cell phone, the other person will immediately snatch it back like a reflex, which makes her very puzzled.

but the incumbent is just the opposite. She not only let her play with her mobile phone, but even recorded her fingerprints, saying it was convenient for her to use it next time.

so do you understand?

is not the person who really loves you, you can't touch his cell phone at all.

and only when you are firmly chosen as the only exception will the other person open up to you.

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so if you can use his mobile phone at any time and know all the passwords, then congratulations, he trusts you very much and loves you very much.

his wallet

A fan asked me: "can I marry each other without knowing his or her income, savings and family financial conditions?"

it may be possible to fall in love, but I believe that marriage must not work.

in real life, there are too many people who are full of beautiful fantasies about marriage, only to be defeated in the end.

some people say that most conflicts in marriage come from money. To judge whether a man is worth marrying him or not, it depends on whether he is willing to give you his wallet.

indeed, Sanmao also said that marriage cannot last long if it does not fall on such trivial matters as dressing, eating, and counting money.

so, the person who really wants to have a future with you will not deliberately hide his income and savings. On the contrary, he hopes that you can still choose him without hesitation after knowing everything about him.

just like Yao and Lao Bai, from their first day together, Lao Bai told Yao all his income, savings and passwords.

although there is not much savings, Lao Bai's sincere attitude makes Yao firmly believe that the two will move towards a better future.

now that he is married, Dayao even comes to a conclusion:

A man's willingness to share his income savings with you is a sign of his love and proof that he intends to have a long future with you.

Yes, how much he loves you is not how much the wallet is, but where the wallet is.

his social circle

there is a question on Zhihu: is it not enough for a boyfriend not to show love in moments?

I don't understand why girls are still obsessed with showing love in moments.

just because he is willing to share you in his moments doesn't mean he really loves you. After all, there is a group called visible only to you.

the person who really loves you is eager to declare his sovereignty to the world. He won't hide you from telling the people around him. The only thing he fears is that you won't fit into his circle and leave him.

and you should know that it is not for the protection of you that a man does not introduce you to his relatives and friends, but because he does not think about a future with you and is afraid of breaking up embarrassed one day.

Girls should remember that people who really want to marry you will generously introduce you to their relatives and friends, including his social circle.

language has always been pale, no matter how much he says can not prove how much he loves you, but if he is willing to share his cell phone, wallet and social circle with you, then he must really love you!

, see if you can touch him in these three places.