A good marriage requires mutual perfection.
A good marriage requires mutual perfection.
Marriage is the stage of life, only joint interpretation will be wonderful.

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many people have sighed: I do not envy the couple hugging and kissing on the street corner, only envy the love of keeping their white heads.

when time has survived the initial freshness and enthusiasm, the insipid life is the most worthy to be tasted and cherished.

because the long-term relationship is not easy to come by, people gradually understand this mutual affection over the years.

A marriage that can stand the test is the persistence and dependence of two people, the support and concern of each other, the sharing of hardship and the company of helplessness.

Marriage is the stage of life, and it will be wonderful only if it is performed together.

I hope that we can all learn to manage and stay in love in our respective growth.

support, there is no doubt about tacit understanding

recently, Wu Jing has been a hot search again.

when he was filming Wolf Warriors, his wife Xie Nan gave his full support.

when preparing for the film, because he was not favored by the investment market and could not get any funds, he took out all his wealth and even decided to mortgage the big house he lived in.

he said to Xie Nan, "if I lose this, I will lose my fortune."

unexpectedly, Xie Nan agreed with both sides and only said one sentence:

"if your dream doesn't come true, we'll be sorry for the rest of our lives even if we live in a good house. At the worst, I still have a small house. I'll support you if I lose the movie."

this unreserved support gives Wu Jing the courage and courage to pursue his dreams. Later, the "Wolf Warriors" film series went viral and Wu Jing won back the best director award.

husband and wife are like this. I would like to applaud your ideal and mission, regardless of cost, right or wrong. Because you are my comrade-in-arms and life-giving lover.

in marriage, the most precious feeling is: I love you and trust you more. You don't have to promise me too much, just run forward.

I understand you, just like the wind knows the wandering of the clouds, regardless of the time of return; just like the mountains know the lingering water, can not bear to be separated.

I can see the light in your eyes, so I am willing to stand with you without hesitation or hesitation.

sharing is empathy

A book friend shared a heart-warming story with us:

one day, the husband who often worked overtime and came home late arrived home at noon, still carrying a lot of his wife's favorite dishes.

when his wife asked him why he got off work so early today, he smiled and said, "if you don't work overtime today, come back to have dinner with your wife."

and the truth is: the company has laid off staff and the husband has lost his job.

the wife looked at her husband and picked up her glass. "here, I'll have a drink with you."

after a few drinks, the man hugged his wife and cried, "although I lost my job, I still have to live." Tomorrow I'll deliver takeout first, and then try to find a job. "

instead of complaining and sarcasm, the wife replied in one word: "good." U3000

so every day before the husband goes out, the wife will pack a bento in the incubator; when she comes back in the evening, she will prepare a bowl of hot noodles in soup no matter how late.

later, my wife secretly put down a small facade with the money she was going to decorate the house and set up a breakfast restaurant. She gets up early in the morning and gets up late at night every day, but she never yells tired.

A year has passed, the business in the store is getting better and better, one of them is busy shopping, the other is busy taking care of it, they no longer have to worry about home loans and car loans, and they no longer have to worry about the future.

the so-called partner in marriage is to be able to see the soul with clenched teeth through your smile, and you can feel helplessness and sadness in the sentence "it's all right".

Shu Ting wrote in to the Oak Tree: "We share cold waves, thunder and thunder; we share haze, haze and rainbows. It seems to be separated forever, but depend on each other for life. "

in the life of wind and rain, there are always obstacles and thorns.

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May we all be lucky enough to meet such a partner, regardless of success or disappointment, will stay by our side, share with you and never give up.

companionship is a confession without much to say

my colleague, Sister Zhang, is married from Sichuan to Northeast China.

some time ago, her mother called to tell her that her father was ill and needed to be hospitalized for a long time.

while comforting, the husband said, "take over your parents, treat them here, and we'll take care of them together."

he immediately contacted his friends to find the most authoritative doctor, prepared the cost of treatment and arranged for his father to be hospitalized. For more than 100 days, almost all social activities were put off to accompany Sister Zhang.

on the first line of work, home, and hospital at three o'clock, he held a report during the day, took care of his father to check and take medicine at night, made up his mind for Sister Zhang when she was at a loss, and took good care of her family when she was tired.

my father's condition is getting better and better. when friends come to visit and chat, Sister Zhang learned that her husband had given up the hard-won opportunity for promotion abroad in order to take care of her father with her.

hearing this, Sister Zhang asked her husband with tears in her eyes: "Don't you regret it?"

he touched Sister Zhang's head and said:

"the hardest days, I don't want to leave you alone. This is nothing compared to the burden on your shoulders. Work opportunities can be met again, but I must stay with you at the moment. "

the feelings of knowing each other, joys and sorrows and sharing make us envy.

worldThe best comfort in the world is company, because it is more secure to be around than a thousand words.

for the rest of my life, I hope I can keep you warm in winter and not cold in spring. I hope you don't have to hide things from each other, and we will be brave to each other.

Zhang ailing once wrote in her book:

"I have been looking for a feeling of holding a pair of warm hands and moving forward steadily on a cold day."

, may we all meet warm people who don't accuse you of being embarrassed or laugh at your unwillingness.

in the world of love, we support, share and accompany each other.