"A girl who has never seen the world will post on moments at the slightest moment."
"A girl who has never seen the world will post on moments at the slightest moment."
Not all fish live in the same sea.

Haruki Murakami once said, "not all fish live in the same sea."

looking through other people's moments, it is most taboo to tell what to do.

A development that is insignificant in your eyes may be the most memorable little happiness in the eyes of others.

what's more, everyone has the freedom to post on moments. You can block it if you don't want to see it. Don't judge at will and take the liberty of criticizing.

once, her friend Little Sheep bought a MAC lipstick, and she shared it in her moments with delight:

reward yourself after a hard part-time job for a month.

in less than a minute, a basin of cold water poured on her.

someone replied disdainfully at the bottom: "A MAC lipstick of about 100 yuan can also be posted on moments?" Is society so depressed now? There is no shame in it. "

most of the money saved by Lamb's part-time job is sent home to subsidize the family.

No one saw her filial piety, but she was labeled "never seen the world" for no reason because of a MAC lipstick.

A MAC lipstick, which means a lot to a lamb, falls into the eyes of others, but it becomes evidence of embarrassment.

A casual remark may become a thorn that can never be pulled out of other people's hearts.

it is undoubtedly biased to measure a person's value in terms of external matter.

there are some people around us who like to "show off" in moments.

they post three meals a day, their chicken babies, their daily love with their husbands, their driver's license after hard work, their after-tax wages, their first flight scene, and their first time eating Haidilao.

when they post on moments, their hearts must be very happy.

the little luck that comes out of them is the fireworks of the world, the driving force of survival, and the way of self-healing.

Shakespeare said, "fools consider themselves wise, and wise men regard themselves as fools."

the more stupid people are, the more things they don't like and the more prejudices they have.

Please take care of your prejudices when you are watching other people's moments.

philosopher Schopenhauer once said:

the obstacle that prevents people from discovering the truth is not the illusion of things, nor the defect of people's reasoning ability, but the prejudice that people have accumulated before.

because of prejudice, we often label others.

"those who order steak medium well must have never seen the world."

"those who have tattoos on their bodies are definitely not good women."

"if you look at your moments, you can see that your monthly salary is only 3000."

"you must be an affectionate person to send chicken soup to the soul every day."

Francis Bacon said in the Theory of Life:

some people like to always express different views on all issues, and they are picky in every way, in an attempt to obliterate their nature, so as to boast of their unique judgment.

in fact, as Gaius said, "he is a madman who loses things entirely by sophistry."

the more stubborn biased people are, the easier it is for them to make moral judgments, derogate others, and promote themselves.

others are not fools. When you point fingers at other people's lives with prejudice, only the other person's alienation is rewarded.

from then on, you can no longer see each other's moments.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi Qiushui:

"if the son is not a fish, do you know the joy of the fish?


each person has his own way of life, and there is no standard answer. The more people have seen the world, the more inclusive they are, and they will not judge others at will.

once, Miao Miao, a college classmate, and I went on a vacation together, during which she opened her roommate's circle of friends and happened to see that her roommate had sent a picture of planting rice seedlings in the field.

in the photo, she rolled up her trouser legs to her knees, stepped on her feet in the mud, turned her back to the earth, and worked conscientiously.

Miao Miao commented strangely: "for girls who have never seen the world, they can only go home and plant rice seedlings in the fields during the holidays."

for a moment, the friend in front of me suddenly became so strange, and I had a hunch that we would be drifting apart.

to make matters worse, Miao Miao is still laughing at his roommate in the message area: "do you also post on moments about this?" Low is crazy. Come out and see the world, poor boy. "

I asked her, "you claim to have seen the world, can you tell the difference between wheat and rice?"

she was speechless for a moment, but she said stiffly, "anyway, she will only stay in a small place, and she won't go far in the future. I can't communicate with people who have never seen the world, so I block it first."

Miao Miao has a strong sense of superiority, which makes me extremely disgusted.

you feel that planting rice seedlings in the fields is miserable, and the other person may find it enjoyable.

coincidentally, some people have made such remarks as "superior":

some people have never been to the city, seen the Great Wall, seen the sea, seen the pyramids, seen the Taj Mahal, eaten abalone, drank bird's nest, tasted sushi or drank red wine.

such people really live in vain, they might as well not be born.

have a netThe friend retorted, sonorous and forceful.

"I have never seen the pyramids, but it is also very happy to see the swallows nesting in the eaves. Must it be happier to see the pyramids than to watch the swallows build their nests?"

I have not seen the Taj Mahal, but it is also very happy to lie on the ridge of the fields and watch the sunset after a hard day's work. Must it be happier to see the Taj Mahal than to watch the sunset?

I have never eaten abalone, but eating noodles is also very happy. Must eating abalone be happier than eating noodles?

I have not drunk red wine, but I am also very happy to drink sweet wine. Must I be happier to drink red wine than sweet wine?

I don't understand your happiness, but you may not understand mine either. "

people who have really seen the world, the higher their cognitive level, will not use their own standards to measure the happiness of others, will not impose their own views on others, and will not easily use a ruler to measure the happiness of others.

I once saw a test in which the program asked 20 passers-by to comment on masked guests.

A female guest described herself like this: 28 years old, single, sleeping during the day and working at night because of work.

according to her dress and description, passers-by think that she must be an indecent woman.

A sound of abuse followed, and although the female guests were psychologically prepared, they suddenly rained with knives when they saw the ugly comments on the screen.

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when the truth is revealed, this female guest's job is to nurse at night and likes to dress herself up.

passers-by suddenly realized, but the abuse was like spilled water, which could no longer be stopped.

there are a thousand sides to people and a thousand sides to things.

when you don't know the whole picture, tolerance and virtue under your mouth is the greatest warmth.

the Great Gatsby begins with a classic saying:

"whenever you feel you want to criticize someone, remember that not everyone has the advantages you have."

Lang Lang, everyone has his own way of life, everyone's life is not easy, you may not understand, but you can try to tolerate.

put aside your prejudices and don't judge others easily.

put aside superiority and don't judge others easily.

put aside narrow-mindedness and don't label people easily.

many people try their best to live the lives of ordinary people. This is already their achievement and pride. The beauty they have created with their hands deserves applause from others.