A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children.
A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children.
Clean up the messy room, this is the joy of life!

parents are the only audience for their children in the first half of their lives

in the Orphanage, a Finnish public welfare film, four parents are described:

the first pair: my father reads books and my mother cleans up the house, occasionally looking at each other with love in their eyes.

the second pair: eat at the same table, pick up food from each other occasionally, talk and laugh with each other.

the third pair: stand under the cherry blossom tree for a date, with a stroller next to it, and the family is happy.

the fourth pair: the two quarreled fiercely, the room was in a mess, and they lived all over the place.

when children see the first three parents, their smiles are full of joy and their eyes sparkle. When the fourth pair of parents appeared, their eyes immediately dimmed, and the whole person was surrounded by apprehension and uneasiness.

although the film lasted only a few minutes, many people were silent after watching it.

there is a saying: a good family atmosphere will affect a child's life.

imagine: if in a room, dirty clothes are tangled up in the cupboard, the quilts on the bed are at sixes and sevens, there is rubbish everywhere, and there is a layer of dust on the windows. How do you feel when you are in it?

obviously it can't be pleasant.

and if this is still the case for adults, won't growing children be more deeply affected?

if you ask me, families with messy rooms cannot raise promising children at all!

your room is what life looks like

there is a colleague Yanan in the company, who belongs to the character of "Ma Daha".

the things on the table are always in a mess, and you have to look for the documents you need for a long time, no matter how many times you are scolded by the boss, and the house is as messy as a pigsty.

once I went to her house to deliver materials, and I couldn't even find a place to put my foot.

Yanan could only scratch his head sheepishly and asked his son to pour me tea, but he did not expect that his son said to my face:

"if you pour it yourself, how can I know where the teacup is?"

the scene was very awkward for a time.

look back at her room:

the bed curtain in the living room did not pass through the light for a long time, and the air smelled of mildew;

there are half a bag of unfinished potato chips scattered on the sofa, and the kitchen bowls and chopsticks are still left from last week;

the child's homework slumped on the greasy table, which was covered with a black ball;


the living habits of a family of three in a messy room have become a mess.

in fact, parents are role models for their children. if you keep littering and never tidying up, then your child will only do worse than you.

people are creatures that need a sense of order. Children who grow up in a messy environment for a long time will become irritable, anxious and irritable.

and after many years, his own room will be a mess and less satisfying at work.

there is a famous "broken window theory" in psychology:

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there is a vacant house. Several bear children often play the game of throwing stones. One day, a window was smashed by a stone. Seeing that no one was looking for it, the bear threw stones at the window every day.

before long, all the windows of the house were smashed.

later, the owner of the house changed, and after the windows were repaired, the bear child came again. When the first window was smashed, the owner repaired it in time. When he saw the brand-new glass window, the bear child was very ashamed.

since then, there has never been a second broken window in the house.

as we all know, once someone starts a bad thing, the bad thing behind it can't stop like tap water with a valve on, because inertia makes him feel impeccable, and everyone does it.

such children will be out of order, because when they encounter problems, they are like the messy room opposite.

I can't find what I want, I don't have a clue, I can only think of where to do it, and I can't solve the problem fundamentally.

"if you stay in the orchid room for a long time, you don't smell it, and you don't feel its chaos when you live in a dirty house for a long time." It looks like a simple manual work, but it is full of profound wisdom of life.

your room is your child's future

A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty conditions.

if the room is not cleaned for a long time, it will be so dusty and disorganized that even spiders can weave a web and settle down, and in the end they don't even want to step further on the door.

but if the family invests time and energy to clean up regularly, the room is clean and bright, and the people who live in it will be comfortable and at ease.

Last week, I went to my old classmate's house as a guest. As soon as I entered the door, I saw that the shoe cabinet around the corner was neatly arranged, especially in the living room, where things large and small were scattered.

through the light from the balcony, a row of green plants are born naturally, simple style decoration, do not see any trace of debris accumulation.

coupled with the elaborate decoration of the couple, a slap-sized house has been tossed into a new scene.

I was surprised: "your house is so clean, there is no extra feeling!"

Old classmate smiles:

"when we first got married, the house was a mess!

everyone works outside during the day.When I come back in the evening, I just want to collapse on the bed. Pots and pans can be kept for a week, and my clothes are taken off and thrown away casually.

having gone home anyway, there is no time to take care of this!

about the time when my daughter was born, the toys I bought for her were thrown around after a while, and my husband and I began to realize that our children had the best ability to imitate when they were young.

the house is always a mess and has a bad effect on the children, so at that time we began to clean the house consciously and regularly. "

look at the little girl's room, a child's bookshelf is arranged in the same code, and the homework on the writing desk is arranged neatly according to the subject.

No wonder these old classmates often use their daughters to preach to their children. It seems that "teaching by deeds and deeds" is really the best enlightening teacher for children.

it is true that if parents are lazy, their children will not be diligent.

if you cultivate the habit of cleaning the room by yourself from an early age, it will not only improve the child's hands-on ability, but also greatly improve the child's ability to live.

imperceptibly, children will take the initiative to do things, homework will no longer be careless and perfunctory, everything will have a beginning and end, and children's grades will naturally be improved.

so when you find that you don't know when your life is starting to get messed up, you might as well calm down and clean up your room.

it is mentioned in Daojing: "five colors make people blind, five tones make people deaf, five tastes make people taste refreshing, and riding hunting makes people crazy."

messy things will make us uneasy. Learn to clean regularly so that we can say goodbye to the messy room and awaken our yearning for a new life.

especially when the child is young, it is the critical period to cultivate his hands-on ability. Don't indulge in anxiety and do what you can do at hand.

for example, when you get up in the morning, take the initiative to fold the quilt neatly, learn how to fold clothes, and sort them out according to the season or clothing style.

the whole family clean up once a month, throw away what should be thrown, donate what can be donated, clean up the sundries, make the room look new, and the mood can be suddenly enlightened.

for children, the habit is to repeat simple things, do repetitive things with your heart, and keep doing things with your heart.

Life is a journey, with difficulties and surprises.

this long journey, living an ordinary life full of fireworks, is worthy of this lifetime.

it is the joy of life to cook raw food and clean up messy rooms.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.