"A divorced woman can't have it no matter how good it is."
"A divorced woman can't have it no matter how good it is."
Divorce will never let a woman down her price.

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recently, I browsed a video of a street interview.

the topic of street interview is:

"who would you marry a 27-year-old divorced woman and a 35-year-old single woman?"

I thought it was a relaxed and humorous video, but one of the men's answer was almost infuriating.

"of course I choose to be single at 35."

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"I bought a second-hand house and a second-hand car. Does my wife have to pick up another 'second-hand'?"

when the hostess heard this answer, she was a little embarrassed. She hurriedly asked, "but how can people be secondhand?"

is to refute the view that men objectify women.

but the man did not understand the reporter's voiceover at all and began to make an analogy on his own.

"Gee, just like my car often breaks down and the engine rattles all the time."

"in that case, it will be very difficult for me to drive!"

after saying this, he spread his hand chic and unrestrained, and seemed to think he had made a wonderful analogy.

this interview ended with a burst of laughter, but the meaning was particularly ironic.

another man also strongly rejected "27-year-old divorced woman" and put it more bluntly: "marry a divorced woman?" Then didn't I become a cheap father? "

is to refuse to be a catcher of any kind.

the relationship in one's life is not plain sailing, and so is marriage.

is it possible that bidding farewell to an unhappy marriage has become an indelible stain on a woman?

this is everyone's legitimate right, but in the eyes of some men, it has become a kind of sin.

this is, I have to say, a regrettable sorrow.

but this idea is not uncommon in daily life.

"No matter how good a divorced woman is, I will never want it!"

one of my little uncles once said this in front of his family.

my little uncle is in his 30s and has had a failed marriage. Recently, his family is busy giving him a blind date.

as a divorcee, I thought he could better understand the bitterness and difficulties of divorcees.

but the truth is, it's not.

some time ago, my little uncle went on a blind date with a highly educated and good-looking little sister. They were very close to each other and had a very congenial chat.

the bursts of ambiguity in the conversation and laughter, the casual glances in the eyes. Looks like I met my true love.

just when everyone was secretly happy, thinking that the little uncle would usher in the second spring, the communication between the two came to an abrupt end, very suddenly.

the family members are very confused, concerned to ask the reason: "what's the matter, the girl is very excellent ah, aren't you getting along well?"

the little uncle said angrily:

"what's good? she told me she was divorced now. Why didn't she say so earlier?"

divorced women are all failed women, and I will never want them! "

I was surprised when I heard it at that time. I couldn't help asking, "but little uncle, haven't you just divorced yourself?"

Lu Xun once said: "the joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same. I just think they are noisy."

is the most appropriate way to describe this feeling.

everyone is full of perfect expectations for their feelings, thinking that they are worthy of the holiest and purest love.

but never be tolerant to others.

maybe this is the source of prejudice and obsession?

"divorce will never let a woman down, nor will it deprive her of her happiness."

Zhang Xianyi and Yuan Hong had a brief marriage before they were together.

A year after the divorce, she met Yuan Hong because she was filming.

to her surprise, the sunny and handsome boy fell in love with her.

he didn't care that she was divorced or that she was older than him, and he loved her without scruples.

but in the face of Yuan Hong's ardent pursuit, Zhang Xiyi is self-abased.

she always feels that an excellent man like Yuan Hong deserves a more perfect love.

so much so that when Yuan Hong expressed her love to her, her first reaction was to run away and flinch.

"I don't think I deserve him. He is such a sunny and handsome big boy."

and I, I was divorced, and it's not expensive anymore. "

but true love can always break through all the cages,

it can always cross the desert and bring you the nourishment of love.

Yuan Hong decided that Zhang Xianyi, who loved her, had to be her.

he moved Zhang Xianyi a little with his sincerity.

with all sincerity, stone is open.

gradually, Zhang Xieyi's heart, which was originally inferior and timid, began to become eager and enthusiastic again.

she finally opened her heart and bravely accepted the warm big boy.

after stumbling, lovers get married.

divorce is undoubtedly a matter of life.A heavy blow.

but life is like this, give up the wrong, can usher in the right.

divorce will never let a woman lose her price;

divorce never deprives a woman of her happiness.

as long as you still have the desire for love and the courage to start anew,

Happiness will come to you again sooner or later.

the poet Shelley once said, "if winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

divorce is both an end and a new life.

Don't be afraid, let alone hesitate,

born to the sun, there will always be a piece of sunshine will be sprinkled into your heart.