520, special day, say I love you in a special way
520, special day, say I love you in a special way
In the long life, there will always be someone across the mountains and seas to love you.

see a sentence on the Internet:

there are three things in this world that cannot be hidden: poverty, cough and love.

feelings, most of the time, there is no need to say that a person loves you, he can not hide.

similarly, it is obvious that he does not love you.

especially on a special holiday like 520, the person who really loves you will use these three special ways to make you feel his heart.

carefully prepare surprises for you

520, because of the homonym of "I love you", it became a warm and romantic day.

on this day, many people will post red envelopes and gifts on moments and share the joy of being surrounded by happiness.

although handing out red envelopes and buying gifts are not the only ways to express love, these are only appearances, and the feelings revealed inside are the key points.

on Weibo, some netizens shared their stories:

when she first met her boyfriend, she understood that he was still a student, so she didn't care about him sending flowers and red envelopes to herself during the holidays.

but now they have been working for several years and have a certain amount of savings, but their boyfriend seems to have forgotten about romance.

confiscated his flowers and any surprises during the holidays, even asked him for a birthday present, and on his boyfriend's birthday, he would not only buy him a cake but also prepare it very carefully.

he will spend tens of thousands of dollars on game equipment, but the red packet he gives himself is only 5.2, 52 at most, and no more than 100 yuan.

and her boyfriend is not only reluctant to spend money on her, but even occasionally plays an abacus in his mind.

she also complained that her boyfriend didn't know anything about romance, but she was criticized by her boyfriend for saying "I'm straight".

in fact, "I don't know about romance" is a man's biggest lie in love.

the man who really loves you knows how to think for you. The key lies in whether he is willing or not.

on Douyin, a 91-year-old grandfather trembled into a flower shop on crutches.

he bought three roses for his 90-year-old wife's birthday.

many people say that after living for most of their lives, they have never received flowers, and that Grandma married the right person.

indeed, loving you has nothing to do with the wind and moon, and there is no age limit for romance.

most of the time, a man is not so dull. The more he cares about you, the more he will pay attention to the sense of ritual in life.

for those festivals with special significance, he will not casually deal with things, perhaps to take you to the restaurant you have been looking forward to for a long time, maybe to send you a different bouquet of flowers, or to send you a red envelope implying love.

and those who do not care about you, do not want to give you romance, do not want to surprise you, do not want to spend thought on you, and even feel that such a holiday is a kind of trouble and burden.

in a relationship, what a woman wants is never how valuable your gift is or how ostentatious you can be, but whether you love her with your heart and manage the relationship with your heart.

as the Little Prince says, "the sense of ritual is to make one day different from other days, and make one moment different from other moments."

A man who really loves you will not only say he loves you verbally, but also express his love and long-term joy to you through romantic surprises on some important days.

do the housework with you

once read a sentence, probably the best interpretation of marriage: "Marriage is the sublimation of the love of two people, not the busyness of one person."

doing housework has never been the wife's exclusive obligation.

there is an article about the author's visit to a friend's house, where the hostess sat with her in the bright living room drinking tea and chatting, while the male host was busy in the kitchen wearing an apron.

when she saw this, she envied: this is probably the happiest way to get married.

the hostess said: in fact, at the beginning, the husband was unwilling to do housework, thinking that it was a woman's bounden duty to do housework. Until one time her mother was ill in hospital, she went to bed for half a month.

it is only when the husband comes back from work every day that he not only prepares dinner for his son, but also cleans up the house. It is only then that he realizes that it is not easy for his wife.

after that, they began to negotiate on how to make the division of housework more reasonable. On some special days, her husband would take the initiative to contract for the housework on that day so that she could have a good rest.

the division of labor between the two is clear, everyone is happy, and the wife's happiness is also greatly increased.

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in marriage, a man's attitude towards housework determines the temperature of marriage.

A man who does not know how to love his wife will never see his wife's hard work and feel that everything is taken for granted. in such a marriage, a woman's heart will gradually turn cold.

A woman doesn't really want much. Pass a cup of hot water, wash a pair of dishes and chopsticks, take care of the children, and do some housework as much as you can. A trace of warmth can soothe most of her grievances.

on a day like 520, if a man loves you, he will never have the heart to let you spend on endless household chores alone.

No matter how busy he is at work and has little knowledge of housework, he will roll up his sleeves and make soup for you when he comes home from work.

Zhou Guoping said that love is heartache.

because I love you, I would like to be busy with you by the washing machine, by the sink, in front of the stove, in the bedroom.

in fact, it's not just 520 that you have to be very considerate, those who are flat.On a trivial day, the warmest word that a man can give a woman is "I am here".

just as happiness is doubled when someone shares it, so does housework when someone shares it.

A good marriage is knowing how to think of others, while love is when I am tired, you can lend a hand.

No matter how busy it is, it will give you warm company

Lu Xun once said: "time is like water in a sponge. There will always be crowding."

it is not too much to use this sentence in feelings.

I have a friend who has been married for 5 years.

the reason is very simple, that is, a friend uses his limited time to give his wife unlimited company.

No matter how busy he is at work, as long as he has time, he will wait for his wife to get off work and buy food and cook with her.

I also deliberately set aside one or two days a month to relive the romance and sweetness of their world with my wife.

especially on their anniversaries or festivals of special significance, they don't miss the time to be with each other.

many people say they are busy at work, but on days like 520, men who love you, no matter how busy they are, will handle their work in advance, arrange their own time, and go home early to accompany you for the holidays.

because this is a special day, he will never leave you alone.

even if he is on a business trip or in a different place, he will take the initiative to call to care about you, or make up for you in other ways.

any long-term relationship is actually drawn out and squeezed out by both parties from their own time.

if feelings do not have the basis of getting along and accompanying each other, it is like a tall building without a foundation, which will collapse in an instant in the event of a storm.

when a man is willing to spend time with you, he must have you in his heart.

on the contrary, if some people say they love you but never devote time and energy to you, their heart is no longer with you.

remind you to eat breakfast in the morning, remind you to bring an umbrella when it rains, remind you to take medicine when you are ill. These words of concern are far less than the moments of making you breakfast, sending you umbrellas and buying you medicine.

affection is not as good as a long companion, and there is no need to say much about love.

what women value is not how beautiful men say, but the love that is practiced in action is permanent.

the best gift for the holiday is that your lover can accompany you!

you can't hide loving someone. Even if you cover your mouth, you can still show it in your eyes.

as Yu Guangzhong said, "Don't ask me if I have you in my heart. I have you in my eyes."

people who love you will try to turn all "impossible" into "possible" and "possible" into "infinite possibility".

he may not say too many touching words, but he will put love into every detail, give you care and warmth.

in a long life, there will always be someone across the mountains and seas to love you.

from then on, the waves of the stars, the sea breeze and the moon are not as good as your brow and smile.

, this 520, may you have love, romance, company, and never be disappointed, and all your efforts can be exchanged for happiness.