5 things that make people happy in an instant!
5 things that make people happy in an instant!
Smile often, life is always sunny.

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Wang Guozhen said:

"when the heart is sunny, the rain is also sunny; when the heart is rainy, sunshine is also rain."

your mood is the barometer of your life, affecting all aspects of your life.

however, nine times out of ten, we will encounter all kinds of unsatisfactory things in life.

when you are in a bad mood, you might as well try to do these five things.

get along with children and get back to the original simplicity

when I was a child, the world was small, there were few troubles, everything I saw was beautiful, and life was a blank piece of paper, clean and simple.

when you grow up, the world is big, there is little happiness, there are many "troubles" seen by the eyes, and life is a mess, inexplicable and constantly cut.

We find that children are always happier than adults.

buy the toy you like; have a little pocket money; have no homework today; be praised by the teacher; buy the clothes you want.

these little things can make children feel happy.

because they ask less, think less, and their wishes are easy to be fulfilled.

when adults grow up, they ask more and think more, and they have more desires.

when your abilities cannot support your desires, you are disappointed and begin to complain, and there are more and more clouds of sadness, so your life is always "rainy".

when you are unhappy, you might as well spend a day with your children, learn their simplicity and recover the childlike innocence that you have lost for a long time.

once saw such a video on the Internet:

on a rainy day, a little boy was carrying a schoolbag and holding an umbrella, bouncing happily in the rain, leaving the water to wet his shoes and trouser legs.

the screen is filled with simple happiness, which makes people happy unconsciously.

netizens commented below:

"A child's happiness is that simple."

"I took such a lovely step when I was a child."

"I have a strong sense of substitution, and I want to jump like this when I sit here."

when you get along with your child, he will remind you of a simple mood you haven't seen for a long time.

there is a sentence in the Little Prince:

"all adults are children at first, but few people remember it."

so, when you are in a bad mood, you might as well take off the burden for a while and be a child for a day to feel those carefree pleasures.

go out for a walk and give your mood a holiday once in a while

sometimes, we are unhappy, often because we always like to cut corners and limit our emotions to a small space. The more we think about it, the more aggrieved we are, and the more we think about it, the more sad we are.

this not only does not solve the problem, but makes yourself more irritable.

so, you might as well deal with a bad mood in a different way.

since my friend Xiao Lian lost his job,

she couldn't sleep all night, her hair began to fall out, and she was very depressed every day.

watching herself getting worse and worse, she knew she couldn't go on being decadent like this.

so she made a bold decision to buy a train ticket and take a walk-and-go trip.

before, she has been busy with her work and has no time to play, but now she has time, so she might as well give herself a holiday and change her mood in a different environment.

while traveling, she enjoyed the scenery and saw the beauty of life again from the "heart".

so we should be nice to ourselves.

listen to music and relax the taut nerve for a while;

go for a walk, care about every plant and tree, and make up the neglected scenery in turn;

Who doesn’t want to look better in her favorite black mermaid prom dress? Buy your favorite and desired clothing now.

or simply empty yourself and let your thoughts run wild.

the simple happiness of adults is not difficult for themselves, occasionally rest, give the mood a holiday.

chat with your best friend and clear your mind of rubbish

when you are in a bad mood and want to talk to someone, be sure to find someone who understands you.

it must be a waste of breath when you tell passers-by how sad you are, but tell your best friend that they will understand you.

so, when you are in a bad mood, about three or five bosom friends, drink two drinks, and say the words to those who understand.

the most moving scene in the TV series "Please answer 1988" is when the unhappy Dashan father asked his best neighbor to sit at a stall at the corner of the street before he came home from work.

the two of them had a glass of wine, talked about their troubles at work, and talked about the growth of their children and family chores.

after pouring out your troubles, encourage and comfort each other, get up and go home.

then, the sad cloud on his face dissipated, and what he brought to his family was always the same smiling face.

sometimes, if we can't talk to our family, we can choose to talk to our friends.

We complain about life, but not about life, which is a way to relieve bad emotions.

there are a lot of big and small things in life, and we always encounter some "rubbish" stuck in our hearts, which makes people sad.

if we don't clean up regularly, there will be more and more unhappy things together, and life will become more and more difficult over time.

so, when you are free, get together with friends, complain about each other's life, and clean up your mind


when you have more space in your heart, your heart will be broad, your state of mind will be stable, and your life will be smooth.

use your pen to get rid of your worries and talk to yourself

of course, not all troubles can be spilled out.

when you have nowhere to talk, you might as well pick up your pen and write down your unhappiness.

you can prepare a blank piece of paper big enough in advance, then sit down and write down all your thoughts on the paper.

, you can try to write down the reasons why you are unhappy in an organized way.

this is a process of combing your emotions.

because when people are upset, their discrimination will decline, and it is easy to make mistakes in judgment.

so simplify and organize complex problems, classify them, and then think about them will be clearer.

the process of writing is also a time for you to vent your emotions, when your emotions are released, and then go back to the thing itself, your mind will be much clearer.

as the saying goes, if you are advised by others, you might as well figure it out and laugh at it.

when you are in a bad mood, try to talk to your emotions and leave all unhappy things on paper.

say goodbye to the depressed past, then turn the page and start a new chapter.

if you feel that you have a small space in your heart, find a plug-in for it and put it outside.

often keep a diary, record life, but also get rid of the troubles in the heart.

you will find that many annoying little problems will pass by when you finish writing. When you look back at your former diary one day, you will forget why you were angry in the first place.

you are always the one who knows you best in the world.

when the mood is gone, calm down, talk to yourself, listen to the voice from the bottom of your heart, and calm down to think that there is nothing difficult in life but life and death.

you will be much happier if you liberate yourself and relax your mind.

eat well, sleep well, worry all run

I asked my best friend, "what do you do when you are unhappy?"

she said, "then I'll buy myself a bunch of delicious food and entertain myself who has been wronged."

indeed, gourmet food has a magical healing power, and it always evokes your most primitive happiness.

if you feel bitter in your heart, make your mouth sweet.

as the ancients said, "A thousand hectares of fertile land is but three meals a day."

We work hard and busy, often in order to have three meals a day.

use food to relieve anxiety, eat and drink well, and be happy.

after you have enough to eat, you have to get enough sleep and nourish your spirit, so that you can have the energy to play monster and upgrade in your life.

Ni Ping said in Grandma's Quotations that she couldn't sleep all night because her son was ill.

Grandma said to her:

"when it gets dark, who can hold the sun from going down?" You have to lie down. Son, don't be afraid, even when it's dark, it has to be light. "

troubles are sometimes uncontrollable, just as we can't stop the sun from setting.

but there's nothing to be afraid of when it's dark. Have a good rest when it's dark, keep your spirits up and wait for dawn.

in fact, sleep is very important to everyone. It can not only cultivate the body, but also clean up the brain and mood garbage.

most of the stress in life can be released through sleep.

so when you have a problem, don't always be a pain in the neck.

have a good sleep, get enough sleep, change your mood, and the problem will be easily solved.

Life is a difficult problem, and everyone has his own problems.

the problem can't be solved, but life goes on as usual.

as the saying goes, when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the West Mountain, there is also a day of sorrow and a day of joy.

if you can, why not choose to be happy?

, may you smile often and life will always be sunny.