39-year-old Xie Na fell ill during pregnancy, Zhang Jie responded to a hot search: you must understand these three hidden rules of marriage!
39-year-old Xie Na fell ill during pregnancy, Zhang Jie responded to a hot search: you must understand these three hidden rules of marriage!
True love makes each other better and better.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na have been married for 10 years, but their relationship has been as sweet as their first love.

Xie Na, who is now pregnant with her second child, is well taken care of by Zhang Jie in her life, which is the envy of many people.

A few days ago, Xie Na spilled dog food on Weibo and posted a handwritten message written by Zhang Jie for herself. The note read:

"Na: I went to the gym, so I didn't bother you. After breakfast, remember to take a bag of cough medicine. I'll be back before 9:00AM." Jie "

warm-hearted words, full of love and concern, make Xie Na, who is still ill, feel much better all of a sudden. This may be the power of love.

netizens also called out:

"another day of tears for beautiful love."

in fact, when Xie Na was pregnant last time, Zhang Jie gave up all her jobs to stay with his wife.

during pregnancy, Xie Na often had insomnia. Zhang Jie spoiled her as if she were a child, telling stories to coax her to sleep every night.

tell her a story over the phone, even if you are separated from two places.

even worried that the "beep" of hanging up the phone would wake Xie Na, so she didn't hang up until she was fast asleep.

Xie Na has severe pregnancy and vomiting, so Zhang Jie cooks himself and prepares delicious nutritious meals.

some media photographed that compared with the previously slim Xie Na, she is now pregnant with an amazing belly, and her limbs and face have gained a lot of weight.

if there are any secret techniques for keeping fresh in their love, they must be inseparable from these three points.

True love

is hidden in the details

Shakespeare said: true love cannot be expressed in words, and behavior is the best indication of loyalty.

A man who loves you shows love in his every move. You don't have to guess to know.

many people say that love is no more than the itch of seven years, and love is long gone after a long marriage.

but true love is hidden in the details of life.

as long as we feel it attentively, we will find that the love we have experienced are all ordinary but romantic little details.

for example, every time I get up at night, I will cover up the quilt for you; every time I eat watermelon, I will leave you the sweetest bite in the middle; every time I get sick, I will be by your side and be busy.

everything cannot be expressed in words, but it proves that "I love you".

do you remember Zhao Youting, another model couple in the entertainment industry?

the two were married because of drama in 12 years and married hand in hand in 14 years. This unfavored marriage has gone through 7 years smoothly.

in fact, Zhao Youting has always been very attentive to his wife.

some time ago, Zhao Youting was photographed visiting each other. The two were like little lovers in love on the set, holding hands tightly, shaking their bodies and saying that they were inseparable from each other.

on weekdays, Zhao Youting is like a bodyguard, clasping his wife's fingers wherever he goes.

be sure to kiss and hug before you go out.

whenever I have time, I will accompany my wife to go shopping.

when she goes shopping, the woman doesn't have to take care of anything. Zhao Youting takes all the things. When she is tired, she will let her husband go home with her back.

A friend once revealed in an interview that the two of them also had a "two-hour appointment" to contact each other every two hours, giving each other enough sense of security.

these little things have been going on for 10 years all at once. Who doesn't envy them?

between husband and wife, only by pouring love into the details can we get through the long flow of water together.

True love,

need to integrate into the trivialities of life

A complete love, with 20-year-old palpitations, 30-year-old love for life, 40-year-old middle-life crisis, 50-year-old help each other.

Love is not only impulsive and brave, but also not only romantic, but also inseparable from life in most years.

how to solve the problem of three meals a day, who cooks, who washes the dishes and who cleans? then there is the problem of family expenses and the problem of children's education.

exposure of bad habits, trivial quarrels, the two may eventually lead to separation.

is gorgeous for a moment, but it is trivial behind it.

there is a topic on Zhihu:

what kind of feelings can counteract the trivial troubles of marriage?


"eat when you are hungry"

shared her marriage story:

she and her husband are college classmates. They have been in love for ten years and have been married for four years. They have spent college, work and marriage together, and their experiences are numerous.

recently, she has become a working mother again. Without her mother's help, she has to take care of her children and finish her work on her own.

the children often suffer at night, and her husband often works overtime at the office until late at night, facing a pile of chicken and dog chips at home, which makes her miserable to sleep only four hours a day.

finally, she broke out.

she threw everything on the table to the ground, crying and throwing it away, venting all her grievances and grievances.

when the husband came home, he found the clue of his wife, cleaned up the house silently, and then, like a child who made a mistake, said to his wife with an aggrieved face:

"look, I'm all packed."

then asked:

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what's the matter with you? are you too tired? Is your son not well-behaved? "

she was suddenly attackedThe husband laughed, and she understood the difficulties of her husband's work.

think about it, it is not the trivialities of life that wear out the passion for love, but the lack of tolerance for love.

it is not so much the trivialities of life that make our love stronger; rather, it is love that contains the trivialities of life.

as the netizen said:

there are too many trivial things in marriage, and the passion always fades. I think the most important thing is to think from each other's point of view.

there is no perfect love in the world. We often need to learn to think of others and be tolerant in the trivialities of life. This is the most effective antistaling agent for love.

True love,

is the responsibility to the person, support and stalemate

some people will often say "I love you", sweet words come out casually, but can not do the sense of responsibility to love a person.

true love is not maintained by honeyed words, but more importantly by the sense of responsibility to the family.

there have been several photos that have aroused heated discussion on the whole network.

in the picture, the people standing in line in front of the window are all expectant mothers with a big belly, but what about their husbands?

is leisurely playing with his mobile phone on his seat, the contrast is so strong that it makes people very angry.

you know, conceiving in October is a hard and painful process, and mothers have to bear not only physical burden, but also psychological pressure.

what I need most is my husband's help and care.

and many husbands only focus on making money outside, but put aside the responsibility of caring for their wives and educating their children.

how painful is a woman in a widowed marriage?

Liu Tao revealed the truth in a line in the TV series "We all want to be good":

I have been married for seven years, and I have been divorced from society for seven years. I thought that the farther away I was from society, the closer I would be to home. But this is not the case. I broke away from my colleagues and friends, and in the end I lost myself.

now, my husband has no feelings for me, and I can't take care of my son. I hate myself now, sensitive and paranoid, like a psychopath, I even want to take my son to commit suicide!

Love should not be the grievance of one person, but the joint operation of two people.

wives should not do all the work, and husbands should not be "shopkeepers". On the way to raising children, two people should perform their respective duties. This is what a harmonious family should look like.

I have read such a sentence that the first half of marriage is about love and the second half is about responsibility.

when you decide to step in, you must have the courage to take responsibility.

Xie Na once said on Happy Camp:

"I think pregnancy will change a woman a lot, but a man who loves a woman will also change a woman a lot."

Real love makes each other better and better.

like the love of "Jenna", it is not defeated by time, but precipitates bit by bit with the passage of time, which strengthens the heart of spending the rest of life together.

from them, I see the most beautiful appearance of love, and I hope they can always be happy.

, may you all grow old with your loved ones for the rest of your lives.