20 little things that can make you happy
20 little things that can make you happy
From tomorrow, let's be a happy person together.

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writer Bi Shumin said:

"Don't always hope for vigorous happiness, it's probably just coming quietly."

everyone yearns for happiness, but in fact, a happy life is in our own hands.

Today, I'd like to share with you 20 tips to boost happiness.

about mood state--

if the heart is like sunshine, everything is brilliant

01. Record happy little things

starting today, write down two little things that make you happy every day.

even if someone praises you that your clothes look good today, even if you sleep well one night without insomnia.

We are used to staring at troubles and sad things, so we always feel that life is bad.

remember those fine pieces of beauty and warmth, you will find that happiness is actually hidden in daily life.

02. Make more phone calls with friends

when you are free, make video calls with friends, chat about work, feelings, and gossip, and share your recent happiness and unhappiness.

When in our elegant collection of black semi formal dresses, be assured of an amazing look in each function. Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

at a certain age, you will know that it is precious to have a friend who can be disturbed at any time.

words in the heart, some people listen to is warm; depressed things, some people understand is happiness.

03. Reward yourself with gifts occasionally

on a special holiday, give yourself a gift when you have something to worry about.

in the not-so-good days, learn to find yourself a reason to be happy.

in the tedious and trivial life, try to touch a little bit of joy.

if no one loves you, remember to love yourself. The happiest thing is to please yourself.

04. Forget something

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

"when you were a child, you would be scolded if you had a bad memory. However, when you grow up and grow old, you will find that some people are happy to forget something."

those who make you sad, make you painful memories and experiences, make you sad, it is better to forget.

it's not easy to be worldly, but you can make it easy.

throw away your worries so that you can make room for flowers and roses.

05. Less comparison will be contented

in this world, in addition to nine to five, there are many people who have to work late into the night, no two days off, no hot porridge, no brightly lit home.

maybe you have no car, no house, no money and no power, but you are free from disease and disaster. someone loves you and cares about you, which is also a kind of ordinary happiness that people envy.

about lifestyle--

in business years, beauty will come to you

01. Early to bed and early to rise

No matter how expensive skin care products and health care products are, they are not as good as early to bed and early to get up.

go to bed early to keep you healthy and strengthen your immunity.

getting up early gives you plenty of energy and better shape to welcome the new day.

early to bed and early to rise is the best way to keep fit.

02. Travel regularly

when life is hard, go out for a walk. A trip is enough to cure a mood that has been sealed for a long time.

to feel different scenery, to go to strange cities and street corners, to watch sunrise and sunset.

you will find that there are still many things to look forward to in this world, and there are still many beautiful things waiting for us to meet.

03. Learn to cook

some people have found that cooking can not only reduce anxiety and irritability, but also increase self-confidence and happiness.

try to cook a few meals in your spare time.

experience the temperature of life in stir-frying, and feel the sweetness of life in sweet and sour.

take a little time and thought, pour some patience and tenderness, and add color to your life with both hands.

04. Tidy up the room

clean the room regularly, clean up, and throw away old things.

do a thorough cleaning at home, wash and collect the clothes that are out of season, and clear out the things you don't need.

the house can be small, but it should be clean and bright.

living in such an environment, the mood will also become refreshing and comfortable.

05. Occasionally alone

when your life reaches a certain stage, your life will be filled with work and fettered by family, children and chores.

but occasionally, leave a quiet corner to give yourself some personal time and space.

only with peace of mind can we be patient and gentle enough to examine ourselves and absorb the light and heat of the world.

about personal habits--

self-discipline and self-love, looking for calmness in the noise

01. Keep a neat appearance

when you go out, change into the clothes you like, put on a simple and elegant makeup, and make yourself look generous and decent.

keep yourself clean and tidy when you are at home.

everyone likes beautiful people and things, no matter when, don't give up the pursuit of beauty.

it is not how old you really are, but your state of mind that determines your age.

02. Exercise for half an hour every day

besides going to the gym, you can also exercise in other ways.

take the elevator less, take the stairs more; take a taxi less, ride more; lie less, stand more, and walk more.

run after work, play badminton, climb mountains and swim on weekends.

keep exercising, your body and condition will improve a lot.

03. Quantitative savings every month

Saving money sounds painful and boring, but with savings, your sense of security and strength will increase.

the joy of spending money is instantaneous, while the happiness of saving money is continuous and practical.

when you achieve a goal through a little accumulation, you are twice as happy.

04. Clean up your moments regularly

moments are places to share your life. Don't let your moments turn into advertising circles, work circles and tree holes.

if the relationship is not so good, there is no need to maintain a like acquaintance.

people and content you don't like are regularly blocked, and people's time and energy are limited. After rejecting useless socializing, you will find that your life is much easier.

05. Keep silent as appropriate

We don't have to argue about right and wrong about everything, and not everyone has to argue with him.

sometimes, the heart should be simpler and the person should be confused.

learn to keep silent about some things, smile and look down on it. Those who are willing are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

about self-improvement--

in the depths of time, cultivate the best of yourself

01. Read more books when you have time

Reading is the lowest-cost way of self-appreciation. In books, we can see the world we haven't seen, hear stories we haven't heard, and get different life experiences.

those good words can broaden your horizons, increase your wisdom, improve your pattern, bring you new thinking, implication and strength, and make you transparent and open-minded.

02. Cultivate a hobby

develop a hobby outside of work, such as painting, singing, learning a musical instrument, or swimming.

interest is the condiment and color enhancer in your ordinary life.

03. Set goals every month

when there is no goal and direction in life, people tend to feel anxious and confused.

compared to those grand goals, it is better to set some small goals that are clear and not so far away. You will work hard to get your work and life organized.

Don't aim too high, just keep your feet on the ground.

04. Daily bedtime review

before going to bed every day, put down your phone and take about 10 minutes to think about how you spent the day.

what is not well done, and what makes you have new feelings and thoughts.

only by constantly reflecting can we continue to grow.

05. Complain less and complain less

if you want to complain, you can really find countless things: your family is not rich enough, you are not beautiful enough, and your marriage is not happy enough.

complaining and complaining are addictive, and only when you stop complaining will you begin to focus on the solution, and you will discover your potential and change your mindset.

less complaining, more action and change.

Life is made up of little things and little pleasures.

do everything well,

eat every meal,

read every book well,

is actually a kind of happiness.

often remind myself to pay attention to happiness, just like looking at the sun on cold days, my heart is warm and bright before I know it.

, from tomorrow, let's be a happy person together.