15 ways to make yourself happy
15 ways to make yourself happy
For the rest of your life, I hope you treat every day as a huge shining gift.

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with a smile

people who love to laugh will have no bad luck.

some people say that life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you.

practice smiling in front of the mirror and tell yourself, "you're great!" You're fine! You are beautiful! "

smile more when you are with family, friends and colleagues, which can not only bring happiness to others, but also bring yourself a good mood for the day.

smile often, and good luck comes naturally.


learn to enjoy being alone

give yourself some alone time every day, learn to talk to yourself, and feel the inner joys and sorrows.

listening to a song, making a pot of tea, cooking a meal and reading a book are all good things in life.

it is said in "worth the World": "A person is a person at birth and a person when he dies."

born as human beings, we are destined to be lonely, but we can also learn to enjoy loneliness.


get enough sleep

some people say, "A knot that cannot be untied during the day is slowly consumed at night."

but the result of staying up late for a long time and getting up early during the day is that something will go wrong sooner or later.

it is better to make up your mind and go to bed early and get up early so that you can not only get enough sleep, but also have a positive and happy life.


sit and meditate

A wise man said:

"to be kind to yourself, you must first clean your heart. What is in your heart is what your life is. "

Contemporary people are too impetuous and cluttered, and meditation can calm people down.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said:

"now I think meditation is the training of the brain, just as exercise is the training of the muscles of the body."

if you spend at least 10 minutes a day sitting and meditating, you will be able to grow wise.


Don't take it too seriously

all gains and losses go with fate, and people with a broad heart are at ease.

sometimes, troubles are all made up by themselves.

A lot of things are not that difficult and complicated, and we complicate it ourselves.

if you don't have much trouble, you will naturally feel better.


do things without procrastination

manage your time, prioritize things, and know what you should do first.

be sure to finish your studies and work on time.

if you promise to do what others do, you should also do it well within the specified time.

doing things without procrastination reduces a lot of trouble.


keep moving

exercise can secrete a kind of "happy hormone", which makes people feel happy.

so after exercise, people will become happy.

exercise can strengthen people's physique and build your body. The more often people exercise, the healthier they are.

Life goes on and on.


record interesting clips and beautiful scenery in life

Roman Roland said: "Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty."

good things deserve to be recorded.

when you encounter beautiful scenery, you can take pictures; if you encounter interesting clips, write them in your diary.

finding beauty, retaining beauty and aftertaste will also make the mood more and more beautiful.


keep learning

never too old to learn. If people do not grow up, they will lose their vitality like a pool of stagnant water.

Yang Jiang has a good saying: "your main problem is that you don't read much and think too much."

Society is cruel. If you don't work hard, others will soon surpass you.


soft speech, hard heart

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

be a gentle person and learn to think of others.

Sanmao said:

"it's really a beautiful thing for a person to be alive, not because of how beautiful or spectacular the scenery is, but who he meets and who warms him, and then hopes that one day he can become a little sun to warm others."

remember that words are invisible, but they have great energy.


always be grateful

the Law of attraction tells us that what you focus on, you will easily attract.

people who are often grateful focus on beautiful people and things, so the happier they will be.

if life doesn't treat you well, it doesn't matter, it's just a test that life gives you, and you still have unlimited possibilities.


travel at least once a year

Zhang Xiaoyan once said: "either travel or study, the body and soul must have one on the road."

try to go out, you will find that the world is far from what you see, you may hear all kinds of tortuous stories and make friends for life.

Let the mind travel, do not care about the destination, the important thing is the scenery along the road and the mood at that time.


make more money, less hypocritical

making money is the cure for most troubles.

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money is not everything, but it is absolutely impossible without money.

most of the time, your confusion is caused by money.

instead of worrying and worrying, it's better to keep yourself busy, think hard about how to make money, and work hard to make your own day.


make good friends, not bad friends

make some positive friends who will share your joys and sorrows, and will give you a hand when you are in trouble.

some people say: "only when it is difficult to know, who is really good to you."

Don't make fair-weather friends, stay away from those who like to complain.

remember, those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.


spend more time with your family

often go home to see that our parents are our greatest benefactors. Don't wait until "the son wants to support but not wait" to know regret.

being accompanied by family is the best happiness.

for the rest of your life, I hope you will continue to love your life and the people around you, and treat each day as a shining gift.



good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.