Seven things that make people feel better
Seven things that make people feel better
Your main problem is that you read too little and think too much.

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I especially like what Karen Salma Thorne once said:

"there are so many uncertainties in our life that you may be disturbed by sudden changes at any time.

instead of drifting with the tide, consciously do something that makes you happy and help you adjust your mood. "

everyone has bad moods, and if they are allowed to accumulate into mountains, they will only hurt both physically and mentally.

but as long as you face it correctly, you can minimize the impact on life.

when you are in a bad mood, you might as well do the following things to untie your heart.

go into nature

Thoreau, the author of Walden, who is popular all over the world, did not go well before the age of 28.

under heavy pressure, he also had a serious illness, and after three months he recovered, he went to Walden Lake with an axe to live in seclusion.

he built a cabin there, following the laws of nature, working at sunrise and ending at sunset.

immerse yourself in the environment around you, talk to the trees, listen to the whispers of the wind, care about food and vegetables, and focus on every plant and tree in your life.

the vast and lonely earth injected deep strength into his body.

in the simple life of sleeping in the moon and rising in the sun, he gradually put aside his past obsession with human affairs and enjoyed the freedom of his soul in the serenity of solitude.

so when you are in trouble, you might as well have a close contact with nature.

in nature, you will forget your troubles, calm your body and mind, talk to all things, and find a kind of spiritual balance in nature.

every plant, flower, bird, worm and fish can make your heart happy and your troubles will be swept away.

set up a happy account

Happiness needs to be captured by heart, and it is also worth recording.

Haruki Murakami said:

"when you treat the seemingly boring little things in life with a serious and interesting attitude, you will reap a small but certain share of happiness and feel that life is wonderful."

We always encounter a lot of luck in our lives:

turn over the clothes of last winter and find out 100 yuan;

just walked to the door of the elevator, the door opened;

hurried to the station in the morning and the bus just arrived;


At this time, you might as well record it and set up a happy account for yourself.

enhance your ability to perceive happiness, add up.

whenever you feel upset, look at these little luck, you will find that life is so wonderful and interesting.

feel the fireworks in the vegetable market

I remember what Gulong once said: "if a person is desperate and wants to commit suicide, let him go to the vegetable market."

No place can match the liveliness of the vegetable market.

the smell of fireworks in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

so when you are in a bad mood, you might as well go to the vegetable market, feel the interest of market life and absorb the heat of life.

Wang Zengqi said:

"look at live chickens and ducks, fresh fish and vegetables, green cucumbers, red chili peppers. Being noisy and crowded makes people feel the joy of life. "

looking at steaming steamed buns, colorful fruits and vegetables, lively fish and shrimp, peddlers shouting one after another, customers bargaining, old people pushing carts and speaking with accents about Zhang's parents, Li Jiajiao. The smell of life hangs over everywhere.

the vegetable market can see the soul of a city and see the weight and sadness of life.

when you appreciate all this, you will find that all the unhappiness in the world can be precipitated in this vegetable and meal.

go to the playground and sweat as much as you can

Voltaire once said, "Life lies in movement."

when you are mired in negative emotions, exercise is undoubtedly a good choice.

when we exercise, our bodies release a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which sends messages of excitement and happiness to the brain.

whenever we exercise and sweat, the whole person is not only physically comfortable, but more importantly, the mood will rise with it.

Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng once suffered from severe depression, during which he ate so much that his figure was completely out of shape.

in order to make her body and mind healthy, she began to run eight kilometers a day for ten years.

although he is nearly fifty years old, he is still well-proportioned and full of vitality.

so if you encounter anything sad, you might as well go to the playground.

run around the lawn, play a game with friends, jump rope.

after sweating, all bad emotions will be swept away.

go to the book to enjoy thousands of scenery

I remember that a young man once poured out his confusion to Yang Jiang. Yang Jiang smiled and said to the young man:

"your main problem is that you read too little and think too much."

to spill the beans.

if you feel that life is not going well, don't be a pain in the neck and go to school.

calm down, share joys and sorrows with the protagonists in the book, find the shadow of your own life in other people's stories, and adjust yourself with other people's experiences.

when you have seen different life experiencesAfter the harvest of different ideas, the knowledge and pattern will be very different from before.

At this time, you will find that the difficulties and troubles in front of you are not worth mentioning, and people will be full of strength to start anew.

clean the room

"cleaning Power" says: if your room is messy, dreams and good luck will slip away.

A person's mood is closely related to his room.

A depressed person, if he is in a disorganized environment, is tantamount to making things worse.

and clean up the house when you are in a bad mood, throw away the useless things, and put away the useful things one by one.

in this process, in fact, it is also cleaning their own heart, is a very decompression behavior.

Japanese writer Hideko Yamashita once said:

"severing is an action technique that can get to know yourself, sort out your inner chaos, and make your life comfortable by sorting out your things."

so, when you have nothing to do, do a thorough cleaning of your room, and when the room takes on a new look, it is also a time to say goodbye to the chaos of the past and to restore order and security in your life.

have a good night's sleep

there is a good saying: "bad things, bad moods, sleep and forget."

I think so.

Sleep is a very effective way to decompress.

through sleep, a tired body and a tired mind can be relaxed.

No matter how helpless and helpless you feel during the day.

in the evening, don't think too much.

put aside all your troubles for a while, take a hot bath, pour yourself into a soft and warm bed and have a sleep with your head covered.

when we wake up, we will have a new state of mind. If we think about solving problems at this time, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

as a writer once said:

"Today's things should be done wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. No matter what the results are, you should go to bed happily."

Bai Yansong said: "in the process of life, 5% is pleasure, 5% is pain, and 90% is insipid."

and what we have to do is not to over-magnify the pain of that 5% while ignoring 95% of the insipid and happiness.

Nine times out of ten, we can't stop bad things from happening, but we can change our mood.

as long as we put our minds right and hit the road in a good mood, everything will be very happy.