Chinese athletes in the East Olympic Games, was stolen "champion", a disgusting scene is playing out.
Chinese athletes in the East Olympic Games, was stolen "champion", a disgusting scene is playing out.
Chinese athletes, let's hurt!

the Tokyo Olympic Games have been open for 10 days, and the events are still in full swing.

my uncle has been watching the Chinese events at the Tokyo Olympic Games these days, and every game is both nervous and heart-wrenching.

it is said that winning or losing in stadiums is a common thing, but sportsmanship will never give up.

but on July 28th, Chinese jumper Xiao Ruoteng, whose performance was perfect, could only win the silver medal with a total score of 88.065, which shocked countless people.

Xiao Ruoteng in the competition is highly skilled and muscular, and every movement is impeccable.

in the vault, Xiao Ruoteng performed steadily, taking off, flipping, landing, a set of movements down, flowing water, and got a high score of 14.7.

Dahui Hashimoto of Japan made a mistake and even stepped on the mat with one foot when he landed, but he got the same score in this session.

in the horizontal bar event, Xiao Ruoteng's movements were perfect and he was as steady as Mount Tai when he landed. But with such a perfect performance, he was deducted 0.3 points for no reason, and finally only got 14.066 points.

and Japanese players

Dahui Hashimoto

, he made a mistake in the same event and took a small step forward when landing, but was given a high score of 14.933 by the referee.

Xiao Ruoteng trailed by 0.4 points and won the runner-up.

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after the game, Xiao Ruoteng filed a complaint, but unfortunately it was not passed.

the final referee explained that Xiao Ruoteng was deducted 0.3 points because he did not greet the referee in accordance with the regulations after landing.

Xiao Ruoteng, who thought he could win, wanted to open the national flag and put it on his body, but when he heard the result, he silently took back the half-opened national flag.

that kind of infinitely lonely appearance has become the peace of mind of countless people.

on the podium, Xiao Ruoteng held a silver medal, but could not help looking at the gold medal in Hashimoto Dahui's hand.

that piece of glory that originally belonged to him fell into the hands of others.

after the competition, countless people wept with indignation at the result.

some netizens were distressed and said, "can you reward them according to the reward of the champion?"

some netizens encouraged him: "you are champions!" He's a hero! "

there are also many predecessors in the field of gymnastics who have posted articles to support Xiao Ruoteng.

Li Xiaopeng said, "it's not that I can't understand it, it's that I understand it too much."

he Kexin said, "it is difficult to make peace, and Lao Xiao is proud of you."

how regrettable is Xiao Ruoteng, who played perfectly but failed to win the championship?

but are we sorry we didn't win the gold medal?

No, we regret that we have no choice but to play steadily, but we have no choice but to deduct points for no reason. it is a pity that he has worked very hard, but in the end he has not given him the praise he deserves.

as gymnastics champion Yang Wei said:

"although today's China does not need gold medals to prove our rise, Chinese sports need, Xiao Ruoteng needs."

this year, Xiao Ruoteng is 25 years old, this may be his best chance, or even his last chance.

more than ten years of hard work has yielded such a result, which is really unacceptable.

A Japanese athlete swims forward with his whole body on the body of Chinese player Chen Xiao.

in the picture, we can clearly see Chen Xiao being pressed under his body, unable to look up, only clenching his teeth and paddling empty-handed.

the whole process lasted quite a long time. That scene was really distressing.

but when Chen Xiao raised his hands and signaled to the referee that the opponent had committed a foul, the referee did not respond.

even the commentator of the game said:

"this Japanese player, her whole torso is pressed directly on the Chinese athlete, pushing forward to swim, which is supposed to be a foul."

there are many similar "episodes" in this game.

after that, Chen Xiaoxiao unceremoniously attacked the Japanese player on Weibo:

"the victory belongs to us, well done, sisters! Japanese players who have a good life, do you have a good time swimming on me? "

seeing Chen Xiao's domineering voice, netizens also expressed their support and grievances for her in her Weibo comment area.

think of the speech made by representatives of Japanese athletes and referees at the opening ceremony:

"We accept

Nuo respects and abides by the rules, maintains the spirit of fair competition, tolerance and equality in the competition of this Olympic Games. "

in the Olympic Games, "winning" is every athlete's goal! Every effort made by Chinese Olympic athletes should be respected!

after ten years of training, they silently endured countless bitterness and suffering, didn't they just for that Olympic gold medal?

although some "episodes" at the Tokyo Olympic Games have made many people feel sorry and angry, we believe that Chinese athletes will certainly break through many difficulties and win back what they lost.

in the table tennis women's singles semifinals that ended yesterday, our "little devil" Sun Yingsha neatly eliminated Ito Meicheng at 4:0 and successfully advanced to the final.!

all of a sudden, the whole network boiled and shouted, "what a relief!"

in fact, everyone has been holding a bad breath for a long time, not because they can't afford to lose, but because they are angry at each other's behavior.

in the table tennis mixed doubles match on July 26, Chinese players Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen played against Japanese players Miyani Falcon and Ito Meicheng.

because of concerns about the safety of the players, there is a new rule at the Olympic Games that players are not allowed to blow the ball or touch the table.

before the game, Xu Xin used to want to play the ball, but soon put it down.

but the Japanese players fouled repeatedly, and the referee turned a blind eye to it.

Mitsumi Ito touches the table.

Water Valley Falcon brazenly blows air on the ball.

even if we lost the game in the end, Xu Xin magnanimously praised the opponent in the post-match interview:

"I think Ito is a world-class player among female players, and after a lot of fights, she has slowly adapted to some of my balls. She is an athlete who dares to fight against men, especially in the fight, she is really bolder and braver. "

this is "Chinese style"!

We attach importance to the results of the game and recognize the strength of our opponents!

although the competition and competition are cruel, the hearts of the people on the field should be warm.

We will applaud the champion and applaud the game, and we will also remember the moving moments on the field.

35-year-old veteran Pang Wei, with 21-year-old Jiang Ranxin, won the championship with the final shot in the 10-meter air gun team competition.

when presenting the award, Jiang Ranxin immediately hung the gold medal around the neck of his "uncle" Pang Wei.

after Sun Yiwen won the gold medal in the women's individual sabre, she touched flowers with her opponents with flowers in her hand, and finally shared the joy of winning the prize hand in hand.

Hou Zhihui finally realized her dream and won the championship in the women's weightlifting class of 49kg.

when standing on the podium, she put down her bouquet and saluted the national flag.

, he took the initiative to invite his opponent to stand on the championship podium and take a group photo side by side.

the atmosphere was full, and netizens praised one after another: "the players of the Chinese team are really so stylish that they hit the atmosphere on the public screen!"

to borrow a sentence from the Age of Awakening: "Chinese politeness is from the heart, is a precious, fragrant perfume."

subtleties can be seen in character, and many seemingly inconspicuous actions often reflect the sportsmanship of Chinese athletes and the pattern in the heart of Chinese people.

We have to understand that the Olympic Games are not only about achievements, but also about the integrity and self-cultivation of a person and a country.

and today's China no longer needs to prove anything with a gold medal.

winning or losing is a common occurrence, and China can afford to win and lose.

We pay more attention to the spirit of hard work, struggle and respect in Chinese athletes than winning or losing.

there is no doubt that they handed in a full mark.

they have won honors with their own strength, and let the world see a China that is not afraid of difficulties and challenges.

their performance makes us proudly say:

these are Chinese athletes! This is the Chinese pattern! This is the demeanor of a great country!

in the future, China will always be a respectable "opponent".

the Olympic Games are still going on, and our Olympic athletes are still doing their best to win glory for the motherland.

but no matter what the final result is, they are our pride, just as the news report says:

"it is not only the gold medal that shines, but also the spirit!"

your Olympic spirit has infected each and every one of us, looking forward to going home safely! Each of you is the Olympic champion in the eyes of all Chinese compatriots!

Chinese athletes, let's hurt!