After eight days of popularity, Hongxing Erke collapsed: "Please, please give me a refund!"
After eight days of popularity, Hongxing Erke collapsed: "Please, please give me a refund!"
Domestic products are rising!


when it comes to the recent mixed joys and sorrows of domestic brands, it should be "Hongxing Erke"!

No one knows about domestic products for ten years. Once donated to the world, it is known to the world!

from contract hot search to being questioned for fraudulent donation;

from off-stock seconds to system collapse.

forced the brand side to come forward to implore everyone to return the goods that are not in stock.

unexpectedly, netizens replied:

"there's no hurry. I'll wear it next year."

"I won't return the goods, just send me a tag without clothes."

there are also rational netizens who appeal to everyone:

"come on, what we want is a long-term rising domestic brand, cooperate with the refund, we slowly 'milk' him."

I have to say that Hongxing Erke is experiencing an unprecedented war of people and goods at this time!

overnight explosion, so that it has been silent for a long time in the face of the sudden enthusiasm of many netizens, seems a little overwhelmed.

the cause must have been clear to everyone.

during the torrential rain in Henan a few days ago, when the disaster was serious, Hongxing Erke, who had been unknown all the time, suddenly made a wild donation of NT $50 million in materials. But do not do publicity, do not buy hot search. This is good!

worried enthusiastic netizens, spontaneously cheered for Hongxing Erke!

for a time, Hongxing Erke's heat remained high.

but when Hongxing Erke was crazily sought after by the Chinese people, suddenly there were some doubts.

A person from the media posted that

of the 50 million donation promised by Hongxing Erke, only 200000 bottles of mineral water have been delivered to the disaster area.

is this a potential of 50 million with 200000?

the wind of public opinion suddenly and quietly changed, and the news of Hongxingerke's fraudulent donation spread like wildfire.

just a few days after the fire, domestic Hongxingerke turned over.

in the face of more and more questions, the authorities immediately responded.

first, the clarification of Zhengzhou Charity Federation:

30 million of donations, including 1 million yuan in cash and 29 million yuan in materials.

at present, the cash has arrived, and the materials will be delivered to the disaster area within 5 days.

then the one Foundation also issued a statement:

20 million of donations, including 2 million in cash and 18 million in materials.

the cash donation Hongxingerke has been allocated, and the materials will be distributed in batches.

and Wu Rongzhao, chairman of Hongxing Erke, also responded by video for the first time.

the content is very simple, nothing more than a summary of four sentences:

I hope everyone will consume rationally;

Don't cause trouble to your peers;

there is no need to deify Hongxing Erke;

donated materials must be in place, welcome to supervise.

A short speech of one minute is neither impatient nor impatient, neither humble nor arrogant.

not only protect the interests of customers, but also show respect for their peers.

finally, make clear your position, act upright and sit well.

as soon as the parties clarify, the doubt will finally be extinguished.

Sure enough, a few days later, Hongxing Erke arrived in Henan one after another.

netizens commented that when I went to volunteer, I found that Hongxing Erke had really donated a lot and there was a steady stream of supplies.

and netizens in Hebi City, Henan Province said that thanks to Hongxing Erke and one Foundation for donating the generator.

from this point of view, it is really chilling to interpret Hongxing Erke's philanthropy as a conspiracy theory.

you should know what kind of situation Hongxingerke, which "threw 50 million" in this disaster in Henan Province, is facing.

according to the data released by the Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hongxing Erke had revenue of 2.843 billion in 2020.

what is this concept?

Let's take a look at the revenue of similar brands in the same year:

Anta 35.51 billion;

Li Ning 14.457 billion;

Special step International 8.172 billion;

361 °5.127 billion.

in fact, Hongxing Erke was still losing money until 2020.

in the same type of domestic brands, Hongxing Erke is like the poorest big brother in the family. He doesn't have much money, but he rushes forward desperately.

it is obviously an enterprise that is "unable to protect itself". The money has been paid and the work has been done, but it is unwilling to take the opportunity to create publicity.

netizens across the country are worried about Hongxing Erke, but Chairman Wu Rongzhao only said:

"in the face of disasters, what we can do is very limited. Just do our part and leave publicity resources to the disaster areas where they are more in need."

as soon as the boss said this, many netizens said that Hongxing Erke had bought it!

in fact, this is not the first time Hongxing Erke has done good deeds in obscurity.

during the epidemic, the output of masks was urgent.

Hongxing Erke immediately donated 10 million materials.

this is not over, and immediately invest 5 million yuan to urgently open up a qualified mask production line.

at that time, the production of epidemic masks reached 350000 per day!

some netizens combed Hongxing Erke's donation records from the Wenchuan earthquake to the present.

these upright data are enough to prove that Hongxing Erke's donation to Henan rainstorm is not the first time, let alone the last.

and their reality is not only losing money year after year, live broadcast on Taobao.Every now and then I am reluctant to have an air conditioner; even a member of the official Weibo is reluctant to turn it on.

but as long as the country needs it, they will give money to help.

this is the responsibility of Chinese enterprises.

this time, although Hongxing Erke has not escaped the law that the red pole must be black.

Fortunately, this time Hongxing Erke not only hit those sunspots in the face, but also rectified the name of domestic brands.

blow up more low-key "domestic brothers".

when everyone was enthusiastically pursuing Hongxing Erke, many netizens said:

"look at the noble bird. This foolish bird is bankrupt and has to donate."

it turns out that the noble bird "secretly" donated 20 million yuan in supplies at the beginning of the disaster, and the official Weibo did not even send a message.

but they are in a situation where they have lost money for years and have just completed bankruptcy restructuring on June 30.

when the disaster comes, the boss takes his employees to the front line for support as soon as possible.

there are also domestic products with this touching operation, as well as Huiyuan.

Huiyuan Juice, which was filed for bankruptcy on July 2, smashed pots and sold iron to donate 1 million worth of materials to the disaster area.

Huiyuan's boss, like taking his own employees, rushed to Xinxiang, Henan Province for disaster relief.

the other side,

Chery, whose annual profit is only 7.37 million, donated 35 million to Henan;

Honey Ice City, where a drink costs only four or five yuan, donate 20 million at once;

Liaoning Fangda Group, which has never heard of it, donated 200 million in one breath;

also, the lotus monosodium glutamate factory is gone, and 500000 yuan and materials have been donated.

this is the responsibility of Chinese enterprises!

while moving, I can't help feeling sour.

as one Weibo netizen said:

they are like the older generation who save every penny and store them carefully in an iron box.

as soon as I heard the needs of the motherland, I immediately took out the iron box and poured it all over to you with a crash.

this money can not be taken out by touching the pocket, but by the steady and steady accumulation of domestic enterprises for many years.

whenever the country is in trouble, they always come forward in the first place.

for them, donating these money and materials is not just a good deed.

but is ready to share the grief with the country and fight a war on the back.

but such conscientious domestic products are always looked down upon or even belittled by some Chinese people.

BYD, a domestic car, has been ridiculed for marking Chinese on the buttons inside the car.

some people say, "the soil gets rid of the slag."

some people also say, "only by writing English can you be in line with international standards."

but BYD still has its own way, using Chinese buttons in its subsequent car series.

not only that, but also the "Qin", "Tang", "Song" and other Chinese series of cars.

Why do you insist on using Chinese? Chairman Wang Chuanfu mentioned it in an interview.

Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, asked

"all Chinese carmakers have to give their cars a foreign name, and they think this is the only way to be foreign."

as a result, you did the opposite. How dare you go up to the top step by step? "

Wang Chuanfu's answer is very simple:

"in the past, we started our business to get rid of poverty, but now we just want to fight for the Chinese people."

BYD, who wants to fight for China, has been ridiculed by some people for no reason.

want to make people sad, lamentable.

I thought there were any relevant regulations in the industry for domestic cars to use English buttons.

in fact, there is only one reason why you don't want to press Chinese keys: lack of self-confidence!

The source of this lack of self-confidence comes from the pursuit of foreign brands by many people.

but what are some highly sought after foreign brands doing?

boycott Xinjiang cotton;

discredit the image of China;

even humiliate China many times.

some netizens counted brand donations after the disaster in Henan.

as a result, there is inevitably some irony.

of course, any enterprise has the right not to donate, and anyone has the freedom to buy all brands.

just hope that, as Chinese, we can choose to say:

you have the right not to donate, and I have the right not to buy!

I have to say that recently, because of the disaster, many people have paid more attention to domestic products.

when I saw the bankruptcy speech of Huiyuan boss circulating on the Internet, I couldn't help but feel sad:

"We always choose to squeeze fruit juice with fresh fruit, and for some reason we collapse, and when chaos becomes the norm, innocence becomes a crime."

I don't know if this remark really comes from the mouth of Huiyuan boss.

but the loneliness and resentment between words is not only the real experience of Huiyuan, but also the real experience of many conscientious domestic products.

I do not know since when, the domestic products made with good intentions have gradually disappeared, and some have even withdrawn from the stage of history.

had it not been for this disaster, no one would have known that many of the domestic brands that were once familiar were either losing money for years or going bankrupt and reorganized.

but are domestic products really bad?

is it really inferior to wear domestic products?

not at all!

the advantages of domestic products are numerous:

cheap, cost-effective, comfortable experience and conscience.

It can be said that many details are based on our own characteristics of the Chinese people.

although domestic products are not perfect, they have been working hard all the time, and as Chinese people, please give them a little attention to keep domestic products alive.

Fortunately, there are still many Chinese people who never forget the Chinese heart.

after they learned about the current situation of domestic goods, they spontaneously began a hard-core operation to rescue conscientious domestic goods.

since Hongxing Erke, which has been losing money for years, has been put on a hot search, netizens have begun a series of "passionate consumption".

A large number of netizens swarmed into the Hongxing Erke studio before, frantically placing orders.

after that, there is a grand occasion that offline physical stores across the country are full and out of stock.

according to the data released by on the 23rd, Hongxing Erke's sales have skyrocketed 52 times!

forced Hongxing Erke's boss to advise netizens to spend rationally in the studio.

but was "retaliated" by netizens:

"mind your own business, 😂!"

in these Chinese enterprises and Chinese people, I can see why the ill-fated China has changed from weak to rich and strong for thousands of years.

it is precisely because in the bones of every Chinese, there is always a kind of national righteousness that cannot be turned back.

in them, you can always see a strong man's courage to break his wrist and sacrifice everything.

even if you burn your bridges, you always firmly believe that

I am the light before dawn.

I don't know whether anyone will continue to support domestic products with hard core when the disaster is over.

but I would like to say that the rise of any brand needs the support of its own people.

Today, the rise of domestic products needs the support of every Chinese.

as Li Dazhao said:

if we look for the answer to China in the land of China, the power of the people will surely destroy and decay.

I believe that we have to rely on ourselves to save China after all!

our domestic products move forward with this belief and have been making products to the satisfaction of the Chinese people.

Please remember, at the critical moment, only Chinese people will go all out to help Chinese people!

and all we have to do is:

Let domestic goods go abroad, so that every corner of the world can see made in China!

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country! Goods! Xiong! Get up!